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The goal: more high quality leads, more closed sales & higher profits

Here is what you'll get during your Strategy Session:

 #1: FREE Wealthy Contractor Opportunity Map™


This awesome tool will uncover hidden (and oftentimes neglected) profit opportunities in my business.

We will use the Wealthy Contractor Opportunity Map to analyze 8 Key Performance factors in your business to pinpoint areas where you can spark a sudden surge in your profits.

#2: FREE Wealthy Contractor Custom Growth Plan™

From the Opportunity Map we'll show you the strategies you need to to grow your business profitably. That way, you’ll have clarity and a clear path to implementation so you can reach your business goals. 

"Their process and procedures are unique and informative. I highly recommend gFour and Jamie Rudavsky, Profit Growth Consultant
Jamie truly listens to what you need to get the increase of business." 
Thanks again, Bruce with Northern Craft

"Brian, Adi and the staff are all well versed in the aspects of marketing. If you want to grow your business, they have the solutions."

Larry Savage, Advanced Roofing


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