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A clear path to business success:

Are you ready to uncover the hidden sources of revenue just waiting to be mined? At gFour Marketing, we've developed the Ultimate Customer Multiplying SolutionTM to help grow your business by turning your best customers into your best marketing channel.

If you're looking to build a sustainable business without having to drive new leads from scratch every month, gFour Marketing is the partner who can help get you there. Schedule your gFour Marketing Demo by filling out the form on the right. We will review your existing relationship marketing program and explain how we can help improve upon it, or show you how easy it can be to implement a new one from scratch.  Either way, you'll end up with: 

  • More repeat business!
  • More referrals!
  • More 5-Star reviews on the sites that matter most!
  • All leading to more sales and more profits!!!

Isn't it worth 10 minutes of your time to find out how? We look forward to helping YOU achieve YOUR business goals!

What we learned during the relationship with gFour was that a lot of things changed in our business. We’ve seen an increase in repeat/referral business, number of online reviews, and customer satisfaction. But we also started to look at our business model much differently and much more profitably. 

Ultimately this means that if more and more of our customers are coming back, and they are referring us to their friends and family, then our lead costs stay very low, which in turn translates into a nice uptick for our bottom line.”

Artur Bak, Owner, Bak Brothers, Inc.


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