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"This program makes my life easier, it keeps me in front of my customers. Every time my newsletters go out - they produce jobs and referrals"

Danny Peterson - Owner, Integrity Home Pro, Bowie, MD
gFour Client Since 2010
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The Happy Home Gazette™... The Ultimate Marketing Tool For Recession-Proofing Your Business!

DONE FOR YOU... Automatically, Like Clockwork 4 Times a Year!

WINTER | January
SPRING | April
FALL | October

There is no better way to stay 'Top-of-Mind' with your best customers, get them to buy more and refer their friends, than with a customer newsletter. Period. Let us show you how The Happy Home Gazette™ will help you make more money, lower your marketing costs and maximize the profitability of your customers.

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Each Issue Customized For Your Company

  • Your branding
  • Your phone number
  • Your website
  • Your offers (special insert included)
  • Your Referral Rewards Program
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Strategically Designed and Professionally Produced to Help You Generate More Sales

Each newsletter is loaded with important response and referral programming strategies designed specifically to motivate people to interact with you.

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Why A Company Newsletter?

  • Your customers still prefer direct mail as the #1 way they would like you to communicate with them.
  • There is much less competition for attention in your customers physical mail box today.
  • Promote your Referral Rewards Program on a regular schedule.
  • Promote or INTRODUCE all of your products and services.
  • Stay "Top-of-Mind" with your customers, so they don't forget who you are, the solutions you provide and how to get a hold of you!
  • Protect your customers from your competition - this is "Stealth Marketing"

There Is No Better Way to Stay Top-of-Mind With Your Best Customers Than With a Customer Newsletter. Period. Let us Show You How The Happy Home Gazette™ Will Help You Make More Money.

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Uncover the Hidden Profit Opportunities In Your Home Improvement Business Today!

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From there, we'll show you the strategies you can execute in order to grow your business profitably.

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