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You Have To Be Able To Learn From Success And Failure


 Ep. 58- Ty Adams Graphic



On this episode, we’re talking with Ty Adams who, like me, worked in the home improvement industry for many years before taking on his current role as a consultant. He’s now leveraging that hands-on experience and expertise in his firm Adams Business Results, Inc. to help contractors grow their businesses.

Also like me, when Ty was enjoying great success as the owner of a contracting business, he decided to expand in an aggressive fashion. But by expanding so rapidly, he soon found himself losing the riches he had gained and eventually had to close his business. While failure is certainly the first step toward success, today he is sharing his tips to help you avoid the same mistakes he made, so you’ll want to listen closely.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance in making good hiring decisions when expanding your business;
  • The #1 problem today's contractors are dealing with;
  • Why you MUST know your company's EBITDA to price your products and services properly;
  • How to stop being a manager and become a leader;
  • The 3 steps involved in business planning.


Dedicated to YOUR success,

Brian K.