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You Don't Get Rich in this Business by Accident







On this episode, we’re talking with Joe Talmon, senior account executive with Dave Yoho Associates. Joe is one of the smartest guys in the home improvement industry – definitely a guy you want to learn from!

Joe has been in the home improvement business for many years. He has seen it all and done it all. He founded a specialty windows business in Ohio and spent 26 years growing it to one of the top home improvement companies in Ohio. A few years ago he was approached by investors and sold his interest in the business. 

Today, he’s on the road every week helping companies across the country to grow their businesses and make more money (and helping create a lot of Wealthy Contractors!!).

You will hear us talk about a lot – specifically in the areas of profitability and sales. There is a TON of valuable information in this episode (you should plan on listening to it more than once) - we considered making this a two-part episode, but no, you get it all in one. Enjoy!

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