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Transform From Business Operator To Owner


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Check out the latest episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, brought to you by gFour Marketing! For more FREE Resources, go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com


Most contractors get to the point in their home improvement or home services business where they’re wearing all the hats. They’re the salesperson and production person all in one. And if they have employees, many are still putting in 60-80 hours/week in their business and have very little time for friends, family, and personal life. 

This is what Bryan Miller with Outback Deck was experiencing until recently. He and his partner were working themselves to the bone in their deck and outdoor living home improvement business and had trouble stepping away from their business. 

Fast forward a couple of years and Bryan now only works 18-22 hours per week in his business that’s trending toward $8 million/year and is up 50% in profits from 2020. The best part is, he no longer feels tied to his business and has more freedom than ever. 

How was Bryan able to do it? He outlines everything on this podcast episode, which is essentially a master class on how to get more leverage and effectively “step away” from your business. 

So if you’re working a lot of hours and want to become a bonafide business owner, this podcast is going to generate a lot of breakthroughs for you. The best part is Bryan also covers how to get the right mindset necessary to make the transition from business operator to owner. 

So listen closely (or watch closely on Youtube) as Bryan reveals how you can scale your home improvement business and get more leverage so you can cut your working time in half. You don’t want to miss this one!

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • The difference between being the owner vs. the operator of a business, and how the former can change your life
  • How to “cut the curve” so you can eliminate time in your business you can use to devote to something else you love
  • The most valuable asset you have as a business owner (Hint: it’s not your leadership!) 
  • How to help the growth players in your business succeed so your business grows organically
  • How to eliminate fears that threaten to sabotage your business and your personal growth