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The “Simple” Secret to Success


TWC Podcast Ep. 93 with Terry Ferrero-Layout 1 (2) (1)




While this is a challenging time for almost any business, there are some home improvement companies that are thriving through these challenging times, and Ger Ronan’s Yankee Home Improvement is one of them. 

As you listen to this episode (or watch it on our YouTube channel here), you’ll hear how Ger’s emphasis on clarity and the fundamentals have factored into his ability to overcome the current circumstances in the marketplace and actually break some sales records along the way. 

By following Ger's simple advice on creating success, empowering your employees, and leading through turbulence, you’ll gain insights you can put into practice in your business and life TODAY.

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • Principles for issuing sales leads  
  • What’s better than being “right” 
  • A tactic from the Ritz-Carlton that Ger applies in his business (and you can, too!)
  • How to use the local news media effectively
  • The “Simple” Secret to Success 

I remain...

Dedicated to YOUR success,

Brian K.