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Is The Person Answering Your Phone Costing You Leads, Sales & Profits?


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On this episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast is Dave Azer, VP at Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub. Dave was one of our speakers at Accelerate Live 2019 and is one of the hardest working people I know in the home improvement business. He’s an expert at growing companies and is in the trenches with contractors every single day helping them create leads, convert leads into sales and make more money.

The Power Of The Call Center

Today focus in on the heart of any business – the call center. With Dave’s expert advice, you can get a salesperson into the home by building a connection on the initial call. And he does it time and time again.  Let’s face it, a $30 million company is not for everybody - for some people, a $2 or $3 million company has all they need to live their best life. Success leaves clues, and the principles are the same. Dave’s strategies can be applied to any size business and any size call center.

If you're spending any kind of money on advertising and marketing and you don't have somebody who’s properly trained with scripting to answer your phones, you're already behind the ball. The information you learn today can help change that, so listen closely.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Your Call Center Has To Change The Conversation When Asked About Price;
  • What Not To Do When Answering Questions About Price Over The Phone;
  • 5 Basic Steps To Writing An Effective Script;
  • Why Recording Inbound Calls Is So Crucial;
  • The 2 Most Important Traits That Make A Successful Call Center.

Dedicated to YOUR success,

Brian K.