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How to Skyrocket Your Internet Marketing Results...



Our special guest BRIAN ELIAS from1-800-HANSONS,  is a MASTER at lead generation.

On this webinar you will learn from him:

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High-Quality Leads For Your Contracting Business


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More Online Reviews For My Contracting Business


Consumer behavior has changed. We have access to more information than ever before. Your prospects (and customers) are doing more “research” than ever before. And, if you don’t provide them with the raw material for that research - you're likely going to lose them to someone else that does.

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Generate More Repeat Business For a Home Improvement Business

QUESTION: How many (EASY) sales have you LOST over the last 2 - 5 years?

Let me first define an “easy” sale - an easy sale is either a past customer coming back to purchase from you again and/or your customer referring you to their friends, family, neighbors or co-workers.

So, how many do you think?

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Generate More Leads for Your Contracting Business

Question: Are All Leads Created Equal?

We all know the answer to that question is a big fat NO! Because there are 2 types of leads

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4 Strategies To Grow Your Contractor Business in 2018

In our final training for the 2017 we shared 4 strategies that you'll need to not only make 2018 more profitable, but to set your business up to thrive for the next 5, 10, 15 years.

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