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How to Align Yourself With Your Perfect Customer





On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Deren Scott Monday from Kitchen & Bath CRATE in Modesto, California. Deren’s business is a bit different from the other guests we’ve talked with. 

Deren and his wife were in one of those members-only big box stores and began joking about the fact that the store sold nearly everything except kitchen remodels. Soon there were crazy dreams of helicopter-delivered storage crates full of all the materials needed for such a project.

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5 Star Reviews: It’s All About Communication



On today’s episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, we’re talking with John Quint of Quint-Pro Siding & Windows, LLC in Plano TX.

The topic of this podcast is reviews, reviews, reviews, and John has mastered the art of earning them and collecting them. While he got his start in home improvement working for other companies, that experience revealed a real need for a company that had a focus on customer service and customer experience. 

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Internet Marketing Tips For Home Improvement Businesses



Contractor Marketing Tips 

On today’s episode I’m speaking with my good friend, Josh Nelson, who is founder and CEO of Plumbing and HVAC SEO. He specializes in working with Plumbing and HVAC contractors in some of the most competitive markets in the U.S. and internationally. Josh’s passion lies in helping his clients obtain premium placement on major search engines to accomplish their internet marketing goals.

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