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Special Coronavirus Message: Set the Tone & Stay the Course





With the Coronavirus threatening to disrupt our day to day lives (some of you may already be affected), I wanted to make sure you had sage advice on how to handle this in your business. 

So Wednesday morning I reached out to my long time client and friend Charlie Gindele and asked him to join me for this special episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast. When I’m looking for words of wisdom, encouragement or confidence, I often lean on Charlie Gindele. He has led Renewal by Andersen of Orange County since 1984 and has seen his share of challenging situations.

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The Financial Discipline Your Business Requires to Grow





Today’s guest is Mark Curry, Founder and CEO of Your Remodeling Guys in York, PA. He actually started out with a degree and career in Aerospace Engineering (yes, he is a rocket scientist) before coming to the realization that he desired the life of a Wealthy Contractor. 

So, Mark made the decision to switch careers and originally owned a business that sold windows, siding and sunrooms. After selling his company, he found himself in a situation where he needed to reinvent his business, and Your Remodeling Guys was born - which today employs 18 salespeople. 

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A Killer Wealth Strategy For You And Your Business




On today’s episode, we’re talking with Scott Berman of Florida Window & Door. Scott’s business completed over 4,000 jobs in 2019, which as you know is no small feat.

Beginning with his sales department, Scott built a robust company culture and designed his processes and best practices around that model. He also learned a very important lesson along the way about hiring and properly training the right salespeople, and the importance of focusing his efforts on his bottom line instead of his top line.

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Be The Best They’ve Ever Seen





On today’s episode, we’re lucky to be speaking with a legend in the home improvement industry: Bill McGraw of Quality Home Products in Texas.

Bill’s story is fascinating. He started off as a salesperson and then just a few years later he bought into a market. A relatively short time after that, he basically bought out the whole company!

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Revenue For Vanity, Profit For Sanity




On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Patrick Readyhough, Owner of Pond Roofing & Exteriors. Patrick has been in the home remodeling and construction industry for over 20 years.  

His journey began in college running painting crews to help pay for his tuition. After graduating, he worked for a national homebuilder, and successfully built and sold his own exterior remodeling company. In 2010, he joined forces with Betsy Pond, owner of a company that had built a solid reputation over a span of 50 years. 

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Your Real Job As A Business Owner




In this episode, we’re talking with Dave Harrison, professor, consultant, and speaker. And, by the way, unknowingly (until recently) he played a major role in the early success of gFour Marketing.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dave started a number of companies, but he eventually landed in the corporate world. And quite by accident, he began transforming large companies that were technically bankrupt into successful entities. He then took that talent and joined GAF Materials Corporation. 

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How Internet Marketing Is Similar to Traditional Marketing





On this week’s podcast, I’m doing something a little different. Instead of talking with a home improvement contractor, I’m talking with Marc Levesque, co-founder of Webrunner Media. His company does just one thing – it helps contractors generate leads.

His career has always been rooted in sales and marketing. He began selling a technology that helped agencies manage media buys across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. But the entrepreneurial bug got the best of him and he jumped ship to start his own company. And through trial and error, he built a niche in the home improvement industry. 

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How to Align Yourself With Your Perfect Customer





On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Deren Scott Monday from Kitchen & Bath CRATE in Modesto, California. Deren’s business is a bit different from the other guests we’ve talked with. 

Deren and his wife were in one of those members-only big box stores and began joking about the fact that the store sold nearly everything except kitchen remodels. Soon there were crazy dreams of helicopter-delivered storage crates full of all the materials needed for such a project.

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You Don't Need A $20 Million Business





This week’s guest is Frank Farmer, President and CEO of American Metal Roofs in Flint, MI. His story is quite interesting in that he grew up in an extremely impoverished family with the unlikely dream of becoming a physician.

He went on to become the youngest person accepted to medical school at Michigan State University. And while he finished all the classes, right before graduation he realized that being a physician wasn’t practical for him.

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There’s No Magic To It





On this episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast we’re talking with Megan McGuire, Marketing and Sales Director at Weather Seal of West Michigan.

Megan got her start in marketing when she was just 17 years old as a telemarketer for vacation memberships. Over the years what she discovered was that there was a huge market for learning how to set appointments in an outbound fashion.

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