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Simple, But Brilliant, Home Show Strategies



Today we welcome another return guest, Tony Hoty. Tony got his start in the home improvement industry while working as a door-to-door canvasser during his time at Ohio State. By the time he completed his schooling, he had spent years both generating and closing leads with great success. Tony’s next step would be an obvious one - he began his own retail home improvement company in Cleveland, Ohio.

In doing so, he worked his way up to becoming what I refer to as the “King of Face-to-Face Lead Generation” because nobody does it better.

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How to Create a Business, Not a Job



Today’s guest is a long-time client I’ve been trying to catch up with for quite some time. Larry Closs is the owner of MaxHome, which services the entire Gulf Coast region. He founded his business in 2003 with just one employee but quickly became one of the largest home improvement companies in the U.S. His business has also received numerous awards as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

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