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Systems Breed Success


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On this episode you’re going to hear from Anna Olivier of The Jim Olivier Family of Companies. Anna has an incredible story.  

She has had to overcome some big challenges to find her way to success. 

You’ll hear about how her reliance on systems helped pave the way for her company’s growth. 

She discovered long ago that when you combine systems - whether for Sales, Installation, Customer Service or any process within the company - and a strong profit model, it will produce success.

Another aspect of Anna’s story that you’ll want to listen for is her clarity. She knows exactly what she wants, and she has reverse-engineered her businesses to produce those outcomes. 

There’s something that every current or aspiring Wealthy Contractor can learn from this episode. Get ready to take notes!

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • The importance of studying others’ success
  • Why you must quality-check your systems
  • A way to structure your time when juggling multiple priorities - including your own growth
  • Helpful tips on how to acquire an existing business
  • The impact of your company’s culture
  • How a “Worth It” mentality can affect your pricing and the way you sell
  • What you should do if something in your company isn’t profitable

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Dedicated to YOUR success,

Brian K.