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The Speed To Implement


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Check out the latest episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, brought to you by gFour Marketing! For more FREE Resources, go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com


Did you know that speed is one of the most important attributes to have when running a business? 

Like many business owners of home improvement and home service companies, you may have personally experienced or know someone who has felt the need to make every aspect of their business perfect. But, unfortunately, doing this would only hold you back. 

Just take it from today's podcast guest who knows more than anyone that you don't necessarily have to get it right. You just got to get it going.

On this week of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, you're going to hear from the owner of Rogers Roofing, John Rogers as he explains how to build a great team, why you should outsource, and why you should listen to the ideas coming from your team.

And according to John, you definitely don't want to be the smartest one in the room. Instead, you want to build your team members up and become a listening ear to all of their ideas. 

Listen closely (or watch closely) as John shares some insight on how you could speed up the implementation process within your business. You don’t want to miss it!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why you should consider the ideas that are coming from your team
  • How to maintain a positive mindset
  • Why you should outsource 
  • What you should be focusing on in your business
  • How speeding up your implementation process could take your business to the next level