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How To Boost Profits And Shorten Your Backlog


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Check out the latest episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, brought to you by gFour Marketing! For more FREE Resources, go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com


It’s easy to relax during boom times because everybody’s making money and it’s possible to get by with less-than-optimal business practices. 

However, it’s easy to sell yourself out of business by creating a backlog that’s four, five, six months long and you don’t have the backend to fulfill the jobs. 

Today on the Wealthy Contractor Podcast, Rick Grosso will reveal what you can do to profit even more during these boom times while shortening your backlog at the same time. 

Yes, it seems impossible these days since it’s tough to hire good people and they’re prone to quit and work for someone else in your area. However, Rick has been in the home improvement business since the 70s and eventually grew his company to the largest window replacement company in America with an annual volume of $21 million dollars. 

Rick has seen many booms and busts (even the real estate housing crash of 2008) and knows how to take advantage of the good times without overextending your business and perhaps putting it in jeopardy. 

Seriously, there’s a lot of meat in this episode, so you’ll want to make sure you take notes and perhaps listen to this episode over and over again. So make sure you listen closely or watch on Youtube to get a lot of golden nuggets that’ll help you take advantage of these boom times.

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • The #1 “profit tweak” you can make today that’ll boost your profits
  • How to attract a good crew and make sure they won’t leave for a competitor 
  • How to keep your backlog short while boosting your profits at the same time
  • “Ninja” sales optimization processes that’ll help you close more jobs with potentially a quarter of the staff
  • ...And much much more