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Ruthless Management of People and Profits







Today’s episode is a special one, because I’m talking with my longtime mentor, Dan Kennedy, a marketing “guru” and champion for small business.

I first met Dan in 1996 and initially bought his Magnetic Marketing® system. Since then, I have read every book he has authored, attended countless seminars both in person and via audio, became a member of his Mastermind Group and off-and-on worked with him as a private client.  His No BS Newsletter has been my go-to source for information and inspiration for the past 22 years.

On this episode we’re discussing the principles found in Dan’s book, No BS Ruthless Management of People and Profits, and its message:

Solid People + Structured Programs = Massive Profits

In a time when many business owners are having difficulty finding and keeping good people, this message is especially relevant. 

You shouldn’t be struggling in today’s economy - you should be thriving and preparing your business for long-term success through people, processes, customer relationships and sound finances. If you’re not, you’ll want to pay special attention to Dan’s advice in this episode.

I would also recommend checking out all of Dan’s books and resources:



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