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It’s NOT About the Price…


 John Anglis Graphic


On this episode, I’m bringing back John Anglis, who was featured early on in Episode #3. I have known John since 2011, when he was a one-man-show business owner working 80+ hours a week, struggling to get off the hamster wheel. He is now the owner of a very profitable, fast-growing multi-million dollar company that he works in just one day a week to fund his ideal lifestyle.

He’s done this by creating a system for selling that delivers consistent, predictable results. He has the sales presentation down to a science that is so good, I have to recommend him to my own clients! You’ll want to listen carefully as he shares his tools and techniques for success.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of crafting the right ‘story’;
  • Steps you can take to add more value to your business;
  • 3 things you MUST do to be successful (it involves stepping out of your comfort zone;
  • The key question you have to ask yourself in your quest for top performers;
  • How you can charge more for your products and services and maintain (or even improve) your close rate.

Learn more about John’s strategies for success when he joins us as a key speaker at Accelerate 2019, February 6 and 7 in sunny Florida. Don’t miss out - register today at www.AccelerateEvent.com and use the coupon code ‘WEALTHY’ for an additional discount.

Dedicated to YOUR success,

Brian K.