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Make It Better


TWC Podcast Graphic - Ep.97 - Matt Hullander




On today’s episode of the podcast, you’ll hear how Hullco’s owner, Matt Hullander, tasks each of his employees with making it better - for the company’s customers, their co-workers and their community. You’ll also find out how he embodies this mission statement by focusing on continuous improvement for himself and the company.

While Matt was born into the home improvement industry, he has taken Hullco from a small-town name to one of the largest home improvement companies in Tennessee. You’ll hear exactly how he’s done this, including the right pricing, a strong profit model and an emphasis on systems. 

Matt is the perfect example of stepping it up and taking a company to new levels of success. If you’ve ever thought about growing your business, you’ll want to take notes very closely with this one. 

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • A strategic way to transition a business within a family 
  • The impact that pricing adjustments can have on your business and how YOU must deal with it first 
  • How to use video testimonials during the sales process and WHO to target for those testimonials
  • An investment strategy to grow wealth 
  • A theory on profit that is focused on giving back 

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