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You’ve Got To Let Go Of Your Ego To Grow Your Wealth




On today’s podcast is Brian Diamond of Quality Home Exteriors based in Omaha Nebraska. Brian is a second-generation home-improvement entrepreneur. 

Starting his company in 2013, his customer-centered approach earned Brian the industry nod of “Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2017, and Quality Home Exteriors a Remodeling’s Big 50 membership, a distinction given only to the top 1% of remodelers in North America.

Create Systems and Processes To Grow Your Contracting Business

Brian has become an absolute master at creating the processes and the systems that drive his company, so the business doesn’t rely on HIM to operate it.

I’ll tell you when I first started out, I wish I had somebody beating me over the head with the information Brian is sharing. If you’re stuck in your business, and you need a plan for getting yourself unstuck, this is another one of those episodes that you'll want to listen to with pen and paper in hand, ready to take notes.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Steps To Developing A System Or Process In Your Business;
  • SOP: What It Is And Why You Need Them;
  • Why You Need To Stop Making Things So Hard On Yourself And Pick Up The Phone;
  • Why You Can Never Stop Learning In This Business;
  • Training And Partnership: 2 Initiatives That Can Transform Your Business.

Dedicated to YOUR success,

Brian K.