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6 Ways to Provide a Great Customer Experience (and Why You Need To!)


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Customer experience has become a top priority for businesses because the companies that focus on it decrease churn and boost revenues, which leads to higher profits!

For many businesses, customer experience and customer service seem to be interchangeable. But one is a single interaction with a brand, while the other affects emotions and feelings, and includes the entire customer journey. 

The customer experience influences all areas of your business. So today we’re sharing 6 steps to help you put together a great customer experience plan.

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience (CX) is established by the experiences and interactions your customer has throughout the complete customer journey, from their first contact to becoming a loyal and happy customer. These are homeowners who will come back when they need your services and refer your company to others. 

CX is an essential part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) because a person who has a great experience with a business is more likely to become a repeat and loyal customer.

Simply put...happy, satisfied customers will remain loyal.

It makes sense that the happier you are with a brand, the longer you’ll work with them. So, if you don’t treat your customers properly or ignore their customer service requests, the less likely they are to continue doing business with your company. 

This is another reason why companies that deliver a superior customer experience outperform their competitors, which means that they'll be spending more with your business and less in theirs!

For example, here's a few statistics that reinforce the facts:

  • Customer experience will be the #1 brand differentiator in 2020 (and beyond).
  • Customers will pay a premium price simply because they received a great customer experience.
  • One in three customers will stop working with a brand they love after just one bad experience.
  • Customers that rate companies with a 10/10 spend over 140% more and remain loyal for up to six years.
  • Almost half of consumers have made unplanned impulse purchases after receiving an overall personalized customer experience.

6 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience That Your Business Provides

Here are 6 ways to plan a great customer experience strategy to help you reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenues.

1. Develop a clear customer experience visualization. You need to have a clear customer-centric vision in mind and then communicate it with your entire organization. The simplest way to define this vision is to develop guiding principles.

Once these principles have been established, they will steer the behavior of every team member in your business. They should be included in all areas of development and training.

2. Develop and nurture an emotional bond with your customers. The best customer experiences are achievable when a member of your team creates an emotional bond with a customer of your business. Customers will become loyal because they are emotionally devoted, and they remember how your business makes them feel. A business that creates an emotional bond outperforms competitors by 85% in sales growth.

3. Understand exactly who your customers are. Next, you need to bring to life the different types of customers who do business with you. For your team to truly understand customer wants and needs, they’ll have to be able to connect and sympathize with the situations that your customers are facing.

You can accomplish this by segmenting your customers and creating customer profiles, assigning each persona a personality and name. By doing this, your customer service team can identify who they are and, in turn, understand them better. It's also an important step in becoming truly customer-focused. 

4. Use a quality framework for training your team members. The next step is to identify the training needs for each individual associate of your customer support team. Many businesses assess the quality of email and phone communication. But a quality framework takes this appraisal a step beyond by keeping track of your team’s growth through online learning, group training, and coaching.

5. Gather customer feedback in real-time. To determine if you are delivering a WOW customer experience, you need to ask! And ideally, you do this by gathering feedback in real-time at the end of the project when the customer is happy. It’s also important that you make it easy for the homeowner to leave the review.  (Ask us how our Authentic Feedback Program can help.)

6. Measure the ROI. And finally, how do you know if all this investment in your efforts is paying off? It’s in the results you experience within your business.

Calculating customer experience can be challenging. 

In fact, it is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face, which is why many companies use the Net Promoter Score. This program collects important information by asking a single candid question: "Would you recommend this company to a relative or friend?"

So, there you have it! If you want to elevate your customer experience and boost your bottom line, follow these 6 tips. 

Then ask us how gFour Marketing can help you get more 5-star reviews, repeat business, and referrals to grow your home improvement business by requesting a demo today!