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How Gratitude Can Help You Grow Your Business


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At this time of the year, there’s an attitude of gratitude in the air. Many people have become accustomed to the idea of setting aside time once a year to be thankful for their families and the good fortune they've enjoyed throughout the year. 

But when is the last time you set aside time to be thankful in your business life? How often do you do something special to thank your customers - or even your staff?

Taking time to thank your customers and employees and express gratitude for their relationship with you has real power. Each are your partners in success, and you’ll get big-time returns by showing your appreciation accordingly. 

“[True gratitude] recognizes how the positive things in our lives — like a success at work—are often due to forces outside of ourselves, particularly the efforts of other people.” ~Robert Emmons

In fact, showing gratitude will pay off, particularly when it comes to customer appreciation efforts. 

Benefits Of Gratitude in Customer Appreciation

Customer Experience: A genuine culture of gratitude results in a far more authentic customer experience. And this means customers are more likely to buy from you again, recommend you to others, and forgive any mistakes

Happier employees: By practicing gratitude, you positively affect emotional, psychological, and physical well-being by reducing stress and boosting job satisfaction. Happy, healthier staff means less absence and better performance.

Upselling Opportunities: When you thank a recent customer for their trust in your business, you’ve opened a door to have a conversation about future opportunities. If they’ve bought once, they’re likely to buy again. By getting to know your customer better you will have a better idea of their needs and can suggest another product they might like. Don’t be pushy, but if the opportunity presents itself, take it!

Builds Better Relationships with Your Customers: Studies have found that when you express gratitude to new acquaintances, they are more likely to build an ongoing relationship with you, a.k.a. recurring customers. This means when you thank a customer, you’re creating future opportunities for more business.

Positive Reviews: Research shows that most buyers consult reviews before making a purchase. In fact, at gFour Marketing, we’ve found that when a home improvement or home services customer receives a thank you gift from you, they are 350% more likely to leave a positive review. Those reviews are like gold! Make sure you’re doing something as simple as saying “thank you” to ensure you’ll get the 5-star review your team deserves. 

And gFour Marketing actually does a whole lot more than just thanking your customers. We help businesses like yours turn customer relationships into 5-star reviews, referrals and repeat business with the 1into5™ Program. 

Have you talked with our team about what this program can do for your business? 

Claim your FREE, No-Obligation Strategy Session right here! We’ll show you how easy it is to thank your customers like you should so that you get more 5-star reviews, more referrals and more repeat business from the customers you already have.