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7 Tips for Generating More Profit for Your Contracting Business in 2021



2020 was one hell of a year, wasn’t it? And there’s no doubt that it was a challenging one for many contractors. 

Changes to your business because of COVID-19 lockdowns, changes in spending behaviors, and changes with Google – there’s a lot to keep up with.

Generate More Profit for Your Contractor Business in 2021 With Some Robust Marketing Strategies

  1. Your website needs to do more than just look good. Don’t crowd your website with too much unnecessary stuff. Badge, widgets, and elaborate animations all have their time and place, but that shouldn’t be the goal of your website. Maintaining a consistent message and CTA opportunities are important for your home improvement business marketing and website.

Your website should be designed and optimized to address the potential concerns and questions of your prospects.

  1. Display photos and/or videos of your work. Be proud of your business and the work you do. You’re a master at what you do, so be sure to share that with the world.

People are visual beings, so when it comes to choosing someone to do business with, homeowners like to be able to see photos of your business at work to reassure themselves that they’re making the right choices when choosing a home improvement or home services contractor. 

When you complete a project, your website should feature individual project pages. Feature your project, which allows you to provide more detail for each project. Mention the particular products used, the location of the work, and add a review from the customer if possible.

  1. Make “local optimization” a priority. Local optimization is taking the forefront more and more today. And it makes sense that it should. 

Major search engines, such as Google, connect visitors to the best possible, most pertinent answer to their request. 

Search engines want to connect local customers to local businesses, so even if you’re the best electrician in your area, your business has a particular service area. The further aware from the center of your local service area, the less influence your local optimization efforts carry.

  1. Share your story. Consumers love a good story, so what’s yours? And are you sharing it?

With online marketing, you can communicate your story in a few different ways, one of the most common being the story of how your business came to be. Share the background story about how your business got to be where it is today.

Utilizing social media can also be an effective tool to highlight your business by:

  • Celebrating employee birthdays on social media
  • Announcing joyful occasions like when your company reaches specific milestones 
  • Taking pictures with team members
  • Using text, video, and pictures to show some “behind-the-scenes” situations at your company.

  1. Stay in touch with your customers to generate more profit for your contractor business. There’s no doubt that the cost of getting new customers is high. And while retention costs are typically low, they require focus and effort. 

Investing in your customers should not end when the job has been completed. There are simple strategies you can utilize to stay fresh in your customer’s mind.

Stay in touch with your past and present customers by using:

  • Thank You Cards and a gift after each project
  • Informative newsletters both online and in print
  • Follow up and thank you emails and gift cards
  • Pushing Social Media for top-of-mind awareness.

  1. Create a referral program. One of the biggest mistakes home improvement business owners make is not having a referral program. When you have successfully WOWed a customer by delivering superior products and services, you’re actually creating a salesperson.

But just like most salespeople, they tend to try a little bit harder when they’re getting a commission.

A referral program, when properly conducted can help convert satisfied customers into a small salesforce who tell their family and friends about your business by singing your praises.

The trick is to both offer an incentive and make it as easy as possible to make the introduction.

With the right program in place, you can turn your “word-of-mouth” business into a successful referral program for your home improvement or home services business. 

  1. Collect online reviews. Online reviews say everything about your business these days. Consumers trust online reviews from total strangers as much - if not more than - they do recommendations from family and friends. 

Just like an active social media presence or well-maintained website, online reviews are a form of proof – a way for customers to determine if you are worth the risk.

That’s why collecting and responding to online reviews should become an even more essential part of your online marketing program. Whether you are asking for the review and tracking your third-party review sites, or if you use an automated reputation management system, consistently monitoring and managing your reviews is key.

So, now what do you do to generate more profit for your contractor business?

gFour Marketing can put a program in place to help you boost your repeat and referral business, while collecting more 5-star reviews, all to help you grown your business. To learn more, schedule your free, no-obligation 10-Minute Discovery Call here today!