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From The Invisible Comes The Visible




On this episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast is Larry Janesky of Contractor Nation, whose mission it is to equip contractors in the home improvement industry with the resources and support they need to deliver positive results to customers, employees, and stakeholders. 

Larry’s journey into home improvement began with an ad he placed in a newspaper at the age of 18, simply asking people to call him if they needed a carpenter. Fast forward to today and Contractor Nation is a $150 million-dollar business with 300 dealers across the U.S. and Canada and over 400 employees.

Grow Your Contractor Business From Nothing

On this episode, Larry shares with you how to be a better thinker and a better leader so you can confidently grow your business and live the life of your dreams.  

Listen for the commonalities throughout the discussion and use them to your advantage. This is a two-part discussion and you won’t want to miss the next installment.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to Get Your Profitability Right and How Fear Affects It; 
  • 3 Steps to Designing a Business to Help You Accomplish Your Personal Goals;
  • How You Can Change Your Self-Limiting Beliefs;
  • How to Get Unstuck In Your Business;
  • How to Get Past What's Stopping You From Charging The Right Price.

Dedicated to YOUR success,

Brian K.