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Engineering Your Business for Leads and Profits


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Check out the latest episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, brought to you by gFour Marketing! For more FREE Resources, go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com


A good quality lead is hard to come by… And even though many of you are probably not struggling now, you will more than likely be faced with this hard truth in the upcoming months.

If you are anything like today’s podcast guest then you know that in order for you to obtain quality long term leads, you have to step outside of the box and remove yourself from that trade show ONLY mindset.

On this week’s episode of The Wealthy Contractor you’re going to hear from the Owner of Bordner Home Improvement, Jerry Fleenor as he discusses how he was able to retrieve quality leads by diversifying his marketing strategy.

He will also give you a playbook on how to use EOS for your hiring process, and let you know how it could help you find the best employees for your company.

Finding the right people to put in the right seats helps you make room for more growth and success in your business. And every successful Home Improvement and Home Service business owner knows that finding the right person could also grant you the freedom to work on your business rather than in it. 

Listen closely (or watch closely) as Jerry shares some tips and insights on how you could use marketing to gain better quality leads, so that you could grow and become more profitable in your business!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What is a good quality lead
  • How you could use a culture index test to improve the working environment of your business
  • Why you should diversify your marketing strategy
  • How to find the right person to put in the right seat
  • Why you should have many lead sources