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Building Your Company with Your Core Values


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Nowadays, many home improvement and home service companies are focused on understanding what characteristics they should be looking for when they are on the hunt for new talent. 

But do you ever ask yourself, “What does a potential employee search for in an employer?”

Today on The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, you’re going to hear from Michelle Boykin of Rackley Roofing, the largest roofer in Tennessee. Michelle - who is also on the Executive Committee for the National Women in Roofing - is going to share with you some tips on how to change your company’s culture and pour into your employees so that even more people will be interested in working for your company - no matter your company’s size.

Want to know what strategies you could use to start attracting more potential employees to your business?

According to Michelle, creating a company culture and core values that are built on respect, accountability, and transparency are just some of the few things that you should consider when you are structuring your core values.

Listen closely (or watch closely on Youtube) as Michelle shares some insight on how you could create more structure in your company by setting clear expectations from what you expect for your employees, and how this could have positive effects on the productivity and growth of your business.

Also, Michelle mentions an organization that has helped her in her career, and one that other women in roofing can consider joining. If you’re a woman in roofing, or if you employ women in your roofing company, check out NationalWomeninRoofing.org

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • Why you establish your company’s core values
  • How to set clear expectations for your employees
  • What you should do in order to attract more talent to your business
  • Why training your employees is so important
  • How to create a culture that benefits your company
Dedicated to YOUR success,

Brian K.