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Breaking Through The Backlog


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No matter who I talk to these days, every other conversation leads to one thing - BACKLOG.

Everyone’s going through it - skyrocketing demand plus a shortage of labor and materials results in frustrated home improvement businesses AND clients.

And while no one has a silver bullet solution, I do know one business owner who can share with you how he has taken steps to cut his backlog from a painful 12 weeks back to a manageable 8 weeks. 

John O’Leary with O’Leary Roofing joined us recently on Episode 115, and he’s back to share some tips with you on how to break through the backlog and stay ahead of the game.

Listen closely - John has some great insights on how to break free from the ups and downs of the marketplace. (And if you watch on YouTube here, you’ll see the first cat ever on The Wealthy Contractor Podcast - we hear his name is Hannibal.)

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • Who to pay - and why
  • How charging the right price impacts your backlog
  • How far ahead you should be planning in your business
  • The triggers that may cause you to stock up on materials