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Be The Best They’ve Ever Seen







On today’s episode, we’re lucky to be speaking with a legend in the home improvement industry: Bill McGraw of Quality Home Products in Texas.

Bill’s story is fascinating. He started off as a salesperson and then just a few years later he bought into a market. A relatively short time after that, he basically bought out the whole company!

Creating A Sales System For Your Home Improvement Business

And when the economy nose-dived several years ago and many companies across the nation got ready to weather the storm, Bill and his Houston-based Quality Water & Air (QWA) crew were already stepping up the pace. 

While sharpening the firm’s core sales efforts, he was also aggressively looking into related home service products to expand the enterprise. And, they have succeeded on all fronts. Last year his combined sales and service numbers reached 30 million in sales.

And even though he's obviously done well (and is doing well), he's still investing in his education by reading books and attending events. You don’t become a legend by accident - everything he says is gold, so listen closely for the nuggets he has to share. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How To Avoid “Burning Up” A Market;
  • Why It’s All About The Processes, Processes, Processes;
  • The Key To Profitability In Any Home Improvement Company (Or Most Companies);
  • Why Marketing Without Measuring Is Just Crazy;
  • The Power Of Giving Back And How Easy It Is To Get Started.

Dedicated to YOUR success,

Brian K.