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KPI’s: The Backbone of the Business


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Everyone knows that what gets measured gets done. This is why KPI’s are so critical to the success of your home improvement or home services business. 

And Brian Gottlieb would know. In 2009, he started Tundraland Home Improvements with $3000 and a folding table in a friend’s warehouse. Since then, his business reached $120 million in total annual revenue and was recently acquired by Leaf Home. 

To achieve such huge success in only 13 years, it required a very close eye on his numbers and carefully growing his team. 

Listen closely (or watch closely on YouTube) as Brian shares tips on how to shift from working on your business to working in it, by using KPI’s to empower your team.

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • The keys to shifting your focus to what will actually grow your business 
  • Who in your business will be able to innovate it the best
  • How to scale your business profitably
  • What your role should be as the owner of a business and how it relates to management