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Recent Posts by Brian Kaskavalciyan

Get the Financial Freedom You Deserve to Grow Your Contractor Business



Scott Siegal started Maggio Roofing over twenty years ago and he continues to own and operate one of the most reputable roofing companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

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The Best of The Wealthy Contractor 2016

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The Wealthy Contractor Answers: "How Can I Grow My Contracting Business?"

By Brian Kaskavalciyan

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Contractor Marketing Tips from The Wealthy Contractor


I've been fortunate to have met and worked with hundreds of home improvement contractors just like you throughout my career - some very successful, some kinda successful and some not very.

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The Wealthy Contractor's Tips to Grow Your Contractor Business

Tell me if your story sounds anything like this...

Over 20 years ago, when I started my first home improvement business, I was CLUELESS.

I had no

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Secrets to Becoming a Wealthy Contractor

Podcast #1 in the Wealthy Contractor Series

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Contractor Tips for Improving Customer Experience for Homeowners

"What do you do?"

You’re likely asked this age-old question at networking events, your kids’ activities and family gatherings.

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Online Reviews Generate More Leads for Your Contracting Business


The Secret to Generating More Leads for Your Home Improvement Business

Let’s say you have an excellent product. Your sales, service and installation teams are top-notch. And as a result, you have happy customers

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Direct Mail Can Grow Your Contractor Business

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Does Direct Mail Still Work To Get Leads for Your Contracting Business?

Last weekend, Adi and I got to spend another great Independence Day in the Florida Keys with her EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) group… and like previous years, it was a BLAST!

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