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4 Reasons You Absolutely Do NOT Want to DIY Your Relationship Marketing


Get up early. Develop an exercise routine. Clean out your garage. Go see your Great Aunt Betty. 

What do all of these things have in common? 

These are things you know you SHOULD be doing, but you just never get around to. (Sorry, Aunt Betty.)

And unfortunately, Customer Relationship Marketing is the exact same way. 

Most contractors know they should be thanking their customers. They know they should be asking them for 5-star reviews; they should be keeping in touch with their past customers; they should be asking them for referrals regularly. 

The thing is, business owners are busy! You have employees to hire and manage, projects to keep on-pace and finances to manage. That’s why a Done-For-You system for Customer Relationship Marketing makes so much more sense for your business. 

If you know you don’t want to go it alone, go ahead and get your free demo of the gFour System here

But, if you choose to go it alone, we have to warn you about the following 4 challenges you’ll face if you choose to DIY your customer relationship marketing. 

You Have to Find and Manage the Experts

Part of the problem is that when it comes to a Relationship Marketing program, a lot of home improvement or home services business owners don’t even know how to go about doing it. 

If you’re going to have a proper thank you gift, what is it going to be? Who is going to purchase it? Where will you get it from? Will there be a card? Will it be personalized? Who will design it? When does it get sent? There are about 100 other questions like this that you’ll need to find an answer for. 

This is where a Marketing Strategist comes in to figure all this out and more. Along the way, you’ll need a Copywriter to say just the right thing to make your customer feel appreciated; a Designer to make your print materials look professional and “Wow” your customers; an IT Manager to set up the digital follow-up with your customers; a Distribution Specialist to figure out all the logistics and get the materials shipped out to your customers efficiently and at the right times; and someone to manage the whole process for you. 

If you choose to go it alone, you have to develop the system so there aren’t any holes where you’re either losing a lot of money along the way (hello, crazy shipping charges!) or potentially hurting - rather than nurturing - your customer relationships by saying or doing the wrong thing. 

You Have to Hire, Pay, Manage & Train an Employee 

If you are going to choose to do a Customer Relationship Marketing Program in-house, you have to either A.) add it as a responsibility to a current employee or B.) potentially hire a new employee. And if you add a program like this to a current employee’s plate, chances are - you’re going to have to hire someone else because that current employee is going to have to shift some of their tasks elsewhere. 

So let’s say it’s a $15/hour employee. No big deal, right? That’s only $31k/year.  Well, think again…

The way the job market is these days - you’ll need to pay top dollar to get someone you can trust with your customer relationships. Someone who is detail-oriented, is careful with grammar and can proof everything. They’ll also need to have a solid understanding of technology. So you may be looking closer to $20/hour. Okay, so let’s call it $40k/year. 

Then, if you do pay a recruiting service to get a decent hire, that’s usually at least 15% of the first year’s salary, so that’s an extra $6,000. But hey, maybe you can hire them yourself? That’s only going to take about 20 hours of your time. And what is 20 hours of your time as the owner worth to you? To the business? Probably more than $6,000. 

Of course, in this job market, you need to offer good benefits, so that’s a minimum $6,000/year extra for healthcare and dental. (And don’t forget worker’s comp and insurance to protect YOU.) 

And then, you have to TRAIN that person. Will that be you? Will it take away from someone else on your team? 

Man, these costs are adding up!

And after all of that, this person is actually going to take days off. What happens to your program and your customers then??? 

You Have to Find the Place for the Materials 

Now, if you are going to properly thank your customers, that’s typically going to include a gift of some kind. They are spending thousands of dollars with you, the least you can do is give them a small gift. 

So, if you’re completing 20 jobs a month - where are those 20 gifts going to go? What about all of the boxes and the materials? You’re going to need to carve out the proper space in your office for all of these items to live and for your employee to have a workspace to fill all the boxes, handle the postage and weighing and keep everything organized. 

You Have to Manage the Process

Lastly, this is the hardest one. If you're going to DIY your Customer Relationship Marketing, you have to be consistent with it. Manage it week-to-week and month-to-month. You can’t assume that your team is executing it like they should. 

This is what we hear more than anything from returning clients - “We just let it fall by the wayside. When things got busy, it fell off our plates.”

The most important thing about your Customer Experience is that it has to be the same premium experience every single time. You’re not going to create raving fans if Homeowner A receives a nice thank you message and their neighbor, Homeowner B, uses you six months later and gets nothing. You have to be consistent! 

In the end, you have to choose the option that works best for your business: are you going to DIY your Customer Relationship Marketing or are you going to have it Done-For-You? What’s most important is that it gets done, period. So don’t go another day without thanking your customers, asking them for reviews and ensuring you get profitable repeat and referral business. 

If you’d like some help setting up a Done-For-You system that will turn your customers into future profits, book a demo with the gFour Marketing team today at www.gFourMarketing.com/DFY. Your customers (and your profits) are worth it!