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Get 'Off the Truck' to Work on Your Business


Get 'Off the Truck' to Work on Your Business





Dan Callies is the owner of Oak Creek Plumbing  –  one of the leading providers of plumbing service repair and remodeling in his market.  

Oak Creek started as a simple, plumbing business for new construction.  But it all changed the day Dan decided to ‘get off the truck’. Too many owners of home improvement businesses are stuck “on the truck” (i.e. stuck being the salesperson, the technician, the office manager, etc.) in their business.   

This is also called working IN your business, rather than ON your business. The only way to grow your business is to get off the truck and switch from thinking like a plumber or salesperson to thinking like an entrepreneur.

In this episode, you’ll hear me and Dan talk about:

  • How he got off the truck, and grew his business
  • How you determine when it’s time for you to get ‘off the truck’
  • What you have to have in place to get off the truck, and
  • How to stay off the truck
  • And, much more.

If you’re stuck working IN your business and you want to grow your business and take time off without losing a beat (like Dan does), listen to this episode.

Dedicated to Your Success,