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[Podcast] Episode 19: World Class Customer Service Produces World Class Profits with Danny Peterson






Would you like to get over 70% of your revenue from repeat business and customer referrals?

Repeat and referrals business provide tremendous opportunities for profits and business growth, yet many companies don’t cultivate them.

It all comes down to customer service and building relationships. That’s the philosophy that led to (very profitable) $4M per year in revenue and steady growth for Integrity Home Pro.

In this episode, Danny Peterson shares how Integrity Home Pro consistently gets over 70% of their business from repeat and referrals customers!

I’ve known Danny for several years, he’s a client and a friend, and I am always amazed by the level of attention he gives his customers. I often use him as an example of what can be achieved through focusing on customer relationships repeat and referrals business. Today, you can hear about it first hand, from Danny himself.

He guides us through systems put in place that guarantee repeat business and referrals. These are activities you can use in your business to duplicate his success.

I have seen firsthand how effective Danny’s system is for gaining referrals, repeat business, maintaining customer loyalty, and huge profits.