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Generating More Repeat Business For a Home Improvement Company


...they deserve to starve...

Many years ago, my mentor, Dan Kennedy wrote an article called: “Most Business Owners Deserve to Starve”. He basically went on a long rant about an experience he had with a local business, and how most business owners are too lazy to take advantage of all the opportunities to make money from their customers - therefore they deserve to starve… harsh yes (that’s why they call the Professor of Harsh Reality) however, that article had a profound effect on me and I’ve always strived to be a business owner that deserves to be rich.

I was reminded of the article last night.

Real quick, we got a call from one of our tenants about a problem with the air conditioning. I asked Adi what happened to the HVAC guy that I liked… she, of course, asked me ‘what guy?’. I didn’t know his name and because he never stayed in touch with us I had no idea what to tell her.

Most business owners mess this up royally. Because of a naive or arrogant attitude (or worse out of sheer laziness) believe that customers will just remember who they are and when they need them, they’ll just call - this, of course, is dumb and nowhere near the truth.

You see it’s not your customer's job to remember you… it’s your job to make sure you continually remind them of WHO you are, the problems you SOLVE and HOW to get a hold of you (if you want to see a cool system like this, check out video above).

Now, some of you think this doesn’t apply to you. You might say “we sell roofs with a 20-year warranty… they don’t ever need us again” OR, “my customers are different, they don’t buy more stuff from us” OR, “I need new business today, I can’t waste my time on my past customers”.

Generating more repeat business for a contractor business

And that’s fine but I’ll tell you from experience - you are leaving SERIOUS MONEY AND OPPORTUNITY BEHIND. The truth of it is - to create a process for capturing more business and more referrals from your customers is NOT that hard (look at an example above), it’s not going to take any more time or work than you’re doing now - it just requires a different attitude towards your relationships with your customers.

Now, some business owners are fine with leaving money behind, going from job-to-job, customer-to-customer, and hoping and praying it’ll all work in the end - it’s not my place to judge.

But, if you’re not making as much money as you want (or need), if your business depends on you to be there every day or it falls apart, then you have to seriously step back and ask yourself - are you a business owner that deserves to starve OR are you a business owner that deserves to be rich?? 


Dedicated to YOUR Success,

Brian Kaskavalciyan

Grow My Contracting Business