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How To Grow My Contracting Business for 2018


Grow My Contracting Business 

Was 2017 a Winning Year or a Learning Year?


2017 was very successful for many… us included, I hope it was for you too.

If you didn’t hit your targets - sales, profitability, close rates, time off, exercise, vacations, whatever, how about instead of beating yourself up over it, instead ask yourself a simple question - “what did I learn from this experience”.

I was listening to one of my favorite mentors Dan Sullivan the other day and he was talking about the concept of winning and losing… only instead of calling it losing, he called it learning.

What a better way to look at not hitting your targets or goals, than as a learning experience rather than a losing experience. I like that, it’s a much healthier way of dealing with not winning. Believe me, I’ve done a lot of “learning” in my life!!

As we wrap up one year and move into a new one, I thought this might be a fitting time to talk about goal setting for 2018. Most of us wipe the slate clean and start anew - new money goals, new health goals, new time goals - whatever is important to you.

So as we move into a new year, regardless if you had a great year or not a great year, why don’t we use the lessons of 2017, to make 2018 the best year of our lives?

Below you’ll find a simple exercise that may help you. I’m going to use the example of NOT hitting a target - you can easily do this exact same exercise for a new goal for 2018.

Let’s say your profit goal for this year was 10% (sound familiar?) and you didn’t hit it, yes you lost that game, take responsibility for it, be angry, upset, pissed off - react to it how you will. Give yourself 5 minutes to let it out. Once the 5 minutes is over, turn your mind over to learning, so it doesn’t happen again in 2018.

Grow your contractor business

Get out a sheet of paper and follow these steps (see sample):

    1. About ⅓ of the way down, draw a straight line across, then a straight line down - essentially a T;Grow My Contracting Business

    2. At the top ⅓ put in what your target WAS or now is for 2018 - this could be for anything you want in life, time, money, relationship, health, etc. IF you are doing this for something you didn’t reach in 2017, put the actual result below;

    3. On the left side of the T, write the word OBSTACLES and just start listing all of the stuff, reasons, and excuses why you didn’t hit your target - this part should be super easy.

    4. On the right side of the T, write the word STRATEGIES and next to each of the obstacles, think about strategies or ideas for fixing the obstacle - this part is not so easy.

    5. When you’re done, the items on the right side are basically your to-do list. Move those items over to another sheet of paper and now start thinking about how you are going to immediately implement those solutions.

Strategies to grow your contractor business

The idea here with this really awesome exercise is to use all of the stuff that is seemingly standing in our way of getting what we want in order to come up with the strategies that will help us break through what hasn’t worked, or held us back to take us to a new, higher level.

Thank you for being a part of The Wealthy Contractor community in 2017. There is so much more to come in 2018 - podcasts, live monthly training, newsletters, resources, and tools - all for you.

From all of us here, we wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018.

Dedicated to YOUR Success,

Brian Kaskavalciyan

Grow My Contracting Business