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[Podcast] Episode 15: How to be More Profitable with Dave Yoho




Your contracting business generates an income but how much of that do you keep as profit? And, what if you could keep even more profit in your pocket?

There’s one EXPERT you need to hear. When it comes to profit, Dave Yoho has a ton of insight to share. At the age of 28, Dave founded a home improvement company; by the 1970’s he had grown it into the largest home improvement company in the US. Today, Dave is a widely sought-after author, speaker, and expert on home improvement companies.

I can’t wait for you to hear Dave’s insight on the newest episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast™.

In this episode, you’ll hear Dave’s best strategies to keep more money as profit this year. You can even start implementing his strategies right away!

Plus, he’ll share with you how much profit you should be keeping in your business!