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Your Customers Will NEVER Mistake YOUR Contractor Marketing For Spam


Marketing tips for home improvement businesses

Do your customers mistake your email marketing for spam? It’s VERY expensive and damaging to your business if your marketing ends up in your customer’s spam folder.

Something has shifted in the past two decades and few people realize it (although those of us in marketing saw it happen)... and it’s created a huge opportunity to do something “backwards.”

Follow the historic progression and see if you spot the opportunity…

  1. A hundred years ago, people used to LOVE getting mail. Everyone sent letters. They’d run to their mailbox to see if they got anything that day.
  1. Then the mailbox became bloated with stuff no one wanted. People hated looking in the mailbox.
  1. Then email came along and it was a modern version of that time when everyone sent letters! Everyone ran to their computers to see if they got an email.
  1. Then the same thing happened: the inbox became bloated with stuff no one wanted.

Contractor Marketing Tips

How much spam have you deleted from your inbox this morning? How many of your customers have deleted your email marketing from their inboxes? How many of your customers’ inboxes are AUTOMATICALLY deleting your newsletter because some algorithm thinks that it’s spam?

Here’s the surprising way to end that costly hassle once and for all…

We came full circle: People love getting mail again. It’s so special. It’s so different. People recognize the time and investment required to send a REAL piece of mail. It stands out to them and has real, TANGIBLE value.

That’s why so many of our contractors are going “backwards” in their marketing – moving back to mailing out information like our Happy Home Gazette newsletter and other printed marketing.

Marketing tips for home improvement businesses

Think about it: would you rather have your marketing buried between an email from a Nigerian Prince and a promise of a billion dollars from Bill Gates? Or would you rather have someone eagerly anticipating your information, looking forward to it month after month, and never mistaking it for yet another “hilarious” cat joke that your old aunt CC’d to the entire family?

  • A printed newsletter has tangible value – not just in the information it provides but also in its physical weight in your hand
  • A printed newsletter creates anticipation when delivered regularly
  • A printed newsletter may seem like it has a higher cost compared to email marketing BUT it gets read more often… and even saved!
  • A printed newsletter shows up in the one place where people AREN’T getting weird spam – this creates a surprisingly special bond between you and the customer because you’re reinforcing how unique you are

If you’re not doing any printed newsletter marketing, I urge you to seriously consider it because people’s mailboxes are empty and they don’t even realize how DESPERATE they are to get good mail in it again. It’s such a simple, powerful, cost-effective way to set your business apart.