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Get the Financial Freedom You Deserve to Grow Your Contractor Business


Strategies to grow your contractor business



Scott Siegal started Maggio Roofing over twenty years ago and he continues to own and operate one of the most reputable roofing companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

He was one of the founding members of - and now owns - the Certified Contractors Network (CCN).

He acquired the organization to strategically reinvent it by building on the years of experience of the organization's membership group and bringing in critical new knowledge and partners for the ever-changing home improvement contracting industry.

Strategies to grow your contractor business

Scott's visionary strategies and commitment to empower members to reinvent their contracting business to survive and thrive in today's new landscape are evident from the companies' successes. CCN offers an entire marketing, sales and management system for the contractor, from the one-man shop to the 100+ employee companies.

Strategies to grow your contractor businessStrategies to grow your contractor business



Scott uses tried and true methods to help entrepreneurs get rid of the fears that prevent them from getting unstuck and how to make the shift to get away from doing the "thing" in their business by sharing his contractor marketing tips.

He discusses the top 4 characteristics of entrepreneurs who have been successful in building financial freedom in their lives and shares how to get your business to the next level using his revolutionary "no-option behavior."

Join us and tap into his experience as we follow his powerful journey from his early introduction into the home improvement industry to owning and operating the top contractor organization in the country.