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The Wealthy Contractor Answers: "How Can I Grow My Contracting Business?"


By Brian Kaskavalciyan

You know the old saying… “nothing happens until somebody sells something!”

Every business, at its core, is a sales and marketing business.

Get leads for your home improvement business. Sell leads. Deliver. Repeat.

In some cases, the sale is relatively quick and simple (think lunch), some very complex (think purchasing a new home) and somewhere in-between is the selling of home improvements.

Too many home improvement business owners are held back because they don’t have an effective Contractor Sales SYSTEM.

They wonder why sales are inconsistent.

Or why they can’t hire good salespeople.

Or why they’re STUCK.

I am working with a business owner right now that sells windows, roofing and siding. He is having a good year and he wants 2017 to be at least 25% better. He can sell. He has a process.

Problem is, it’s HIS process. He can’t explain it. He can’t teach it. He can’t train it. And he certainly can’t hand it off to someone else.

As a result, he accounts for HALF the sales in his company. HALF!

So the million dollar question is: If you have a full-time job as a $1.5M/year salesperson, how can you possibly do what you need to do as the leader/owner/entrepreneur to grow your business?

As an aside: He makes a mistake too many others make as well. He is relying on the sales commissions he earns to feed his family. The business itself makes a few bucks, but the business isn’t making the bottom-line NET profit (MINIMUM 10%) it needs to make - if he’s not out selling. This is how you create a very bad JOB, not a business.

the-wealthy-contractor_john-anglis_episode-3To his credit, he fully understands the problem, and realizes if he doesn’t fix it - he’s capped and trapped. Not only by the sales he can produce (capped), but also in his ability to achieve wealth and freedom from his business (trapped).

Now, in this client’s case the solution is relatively straightforward. He needs a contractor sales SYSTEM. By having a selling system, he will be able to begin the process of removing himself from the full-time job of salesperson. He will have more time to spend being the sales manager.

BOTTOM LINE: He will have more time to do the things he needs to do to grow his business and become a wealthy contractor.

To start, I sent him to the guy that can fix his sales system problem.

The first thing he’ll get is what I call an “elegant” sales presentation for each of his products.

Why elegant? Because it all starts with the right sales presentation:

  • A sales presentation that follows a structured, choreographed, step-by-step order
  • A sales presentation that will be used by every salesperson… including him
  • A sales presentation delivered from an iPad, NOT a bundle of pitch books
  • A sales presentation that can be taught in a classroom
  • A sales presentation that can be learned by a new salesperson – even one without home improvement experience
  • A sales presentation that will help attract good salespeople
  • A sales presentation that will engage the prospect and completely separate you from the low priced competition
  • A sales presentation that will consistently and predictably close more sales

Every single one of my most successful clients has one of these “elegant” sales presentation. Some create them on their own. Some work with sales consultants. Regardless, the presentation meets the criteria above.

Now, don’t get me wrong. No one has the perfect sales presentation. But this is not about perfection, this is about consistent and PREDICTABLE results.

But, in this case (and maybe for you), once he has this in place, then he gets to focus on becoming the manager of the business, then the owner.

He’ll be spending his time on getting more leads for his contracting business and improving the customer experience.

He’ll get to STRATEGICALLY build his business, rather than running leads.

Sales will grow. Profits will climb.

Wealth and freedom will not be too far behind.

If you want to increase the profitability of your home improvement business and the ability for the business to provide you with the wealth/freedom you deserve (time, money, relationships and purpose), then it may be time to take a good, hard look at your sales system.

If you want to know more about how to create a contractor sales system with an elegant presentation - use it to boost your sales, build a better sales team, and free you up to grow your business, then join me and special guest John Anglis from Carefree Home Pros LIVE Wednesday, December 7 at 10:00 am ET.

John's story is very much like my client’s story above. Not too long ago, that was him. Today, his business is booming. John does not run leads or rely on sales commissions to feed his family… and pretty much is down to one day a week in the office. Oh, and by the way, his business is (very) profitable and he is a wealthy contractor.

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