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Contractor Marketing Tips from The Wealthy Contractor



I've been fortunate to have met and worked with hundreds of home improvement contractors just like you throughout my career - some very successful, some kinda successful and some not very.

As entrepreneurs at some point, we have all faced an obstacle, circumstance, problem, issue… the proverbial “glass ceiling" that holds us back from achieving our goal. So then what? How do you break through this "glass ceiling" and HOW CAN YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR SUCCESS AND PROFITS FOR YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENT BUSINESS?

For our second episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast™, we are thrilled to have Charlie Gindele, president and owner of Renewal by Andersen of Orange County.

Charlie is one of the smartest people you will find in this business (or any other), you will learn a lot from this episode… I promise!

Charlie provides insight on the growth of his home improvement business and how he broke through each new level of growth through strategic marketing plans, objective setting and measuring goals. IF YOU CAN’T MEASURE IT, YOU CAN’T MANAGE IT.

To hear his story, both challenges and successes, click here to go to iTunes and download the podcast now.

We launched The Wealthy Contractor Podcast™ last month to provide access to resources and insights from wealthy contractors across the country and help grow your home improvement business. Episodes can be found here: The Wealthy Contractor Podcast™.

While creating the episodes, we constantly ask ourselves, “How can we provide solutions to you? And how can we help your company profit and FAST?”

If you have any suggestions, feedback or would like to discuss a specific topic, please let us know. The success of your business remains a top priority for us, and we love putting together resources for you to maintain the success of your company.