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Secrets to Becoming a Wealthy Contractor


Podcast #1 in the Wealthy Contractor Series

Have you heard the saying, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with?” This statement is so true, especially in business.

I've consulted with hundreds of contractors across the country, and a common void that many of us share is having someone on whom we can rely for advice, guidance and inspiration.

So, my team and I are excited to offer The Wealthy Contractor™ program, giving you access to resources and insights from Wealthy Contractors across the country that will help you get more leads for your contracting business and close more sales. One of the newest ways you can take advantage of this program is by listening to the very first episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast.

Ep 1 TWC Podcast

Brian Elias, owner of 1-800-HANSONS, joins us for the first episode to share how he took his business from good to great, and how he turned himself from an aspiring Wealthy Contractor to one of the Wealthiest Contractors in the country.

To hear Brian share his journey - including the book that changed his life - click here to go to iTunes and download the podcast now or listen below. 

And as you listen, let me know what you think - shoot me an email with any feedback. We're designing these resources for you, to help you forge Your Path to Freedom™, so please let us know if we're helping you take your home improvement business to the next level, or if you would like to see us do something different.

Be on the lookout for even more from The Wealthy Contractor™ as we expand your access to the knowledge, tools and experience to help you become a Wealthy (or Wealthier) Contractor.