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What's Working RIGHT NOW in Your Home Improvement Business?


The #1 question I get asked more than anything – by clients, by colleagues or by audience members – is, “What’s working RIGHT NOW?”

Everyone’s hungry for a success story – and I don’t blame them. I’m a big believer in discovering what’s working for someone else and finding a way to adapt that to work in my own business or my clients’ businesses.

So for this edition of The Wealthy Contractor, I’m sharing one of these success stories with you…

Success Spotlight

I met Mario and Candy, the owners of City Roofing, at the beginning of 2015. At the time, they were a family of 6 with a successful roofing business. Since then, they’ve grown their family by 1 and their revenue by more than 30%.

I’m happy to say gFour Marketing played a small role in that growth – the revenue part – not the new baby!

Mario and Candy are excellent people who run a business focused on quality service and craftsmanship. The only problem is, they weren’t capitalizing on that quality.

So, gFour Marketing helped City Roofing show their appreciation to their current and past customers, stay in touch with them, ask them for referrals, and generate more repeat business for their home improvement business – without having to do any of the heavy lifting…

As a result, they saw their repeat and referral business increase by 70%!

With this shift, City Roofing is rocking and rolling.

They are growing their contractor business in the most profitable way possible – by using their current customers to market their business.

For more details on this Success Spotlight, click here to get the case study.

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