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How to Find Your Abundance and Become a Wealthy Contractor


I’ve just returned from an incredible two weeks away from the office…

Adi and I started our adventure in Scottsdale, AZ for the CCN Owner’s Summit, which is always a blast. We got to catch up with good friends in the industry and meet entrepreneurs who are finally committing to working ON their business more than IN it – which is always exciting to witness!

Then, our business trip turned into a family vacation out west. However, I couldn’t get business out of my head on one of our excursions, so I recorded a video with you in mind.

So often, we let limited thinking creep into our minds… Watch this video to remember the abundance of opportunity around you (excuse the fuzzy audio in the middle due to heavy winds… the message is worth it!):

WC Jun 2016 Video2

One example of a business owner who sees endless opportunity for her company is Tara Dawn of Opal Enterprises. In the Success Spotlight below, find out how you can think beyond “good enough” to grow the number of repeats and referrals for your contracting business like Tara did… 

Success Spotlight

In 2014, Opal Enterprises had a good level of business coming from repeat and referral customers – a healthy 33%. However, Co-Owner Tara Dawn knew there was an opportunity for this profitable number to not just be good – but to be GREAT. 

So, she challenged gFour Marketing with raising that number, and our team got to work…

We reestablished awareness of Opal Enterprises with Tara’s past customers through a Client Reactivation Campaign. This boosted both repeat and referral business – two profitable income sources.  

On top of that, Opal Enterprises activates all new customers in the 1into5 Program so they:

  • Know they are appreciated
  • Share positive feedback online
  • Refer Opal Enterprises to friends & family
  • Stay connected to Opal through newsletters & email
  • Return to Opal with additional business

By implementing these methods, Tara’s repeat and referral business has grown by 30.3%!

For more details on Opal Enterprises’ success, download the case study by clicking here.  

Do you see an opportunity to increase your repeat and referral business like Tara?

Call our office today to schedule your free strategy session with a member of our team, 305-856-8788.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you discover hidden profit opportunities in your business!