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Direct Mail Can Grow Your Contractor Business


Hispanic Woman Checking Mailbox

As I was going through my own mail the other day, I thought about our 2-Part Webinar Series: Does Direct Mail Still Work?, and I couldn’t help noticing just how BORING all of my mail was!

First of all, there was very little of it – just a few bills and a couple magazines. As an entrepreneur, I see this as an opportunity… and you should, too.

So many home improvement business owners want to put all of their money into internet marketing because it’s the hot new thing, but how can you possibly be heard in such a crowded space? I just visited one web page that had 6 (SIX) ads on one tiny webpage.

In today’s cluttered media landscape, direct mail is one way to stand out from all of the noise and get more leads for your contracting business.

Second, none of the pieces in my mail were very interesting or engaging.

The bills were – well – bills. And the magazines were simple and forgettable. There was nothing personalized, oddly shaped, interestingly designed or anything I could interact with.

Direct mail offers home improvement contractors the opportunity to engage with your customers through…

Personalization: With direct mail, you can certainly personalize a piece with a customer’s name; however, depending on your database, you can get specific with birthdays, anniversaries, phone numbers and even URLs set up just for that customer. The possibilities are endless, but it all goes a long way in standing out to your prospective customer and getting more leads for your contracting business.

Shape, size & color: You don’t have to just do the same old boring letter or postcard… you can do an oversized mail piece, one that’s 3d or has a shiny foil exterior – maybe even one that’s highlighter yellow or neon green. There are so many options that can make your direct mail piece say, “pick me, pick me!” as your prospective customer slides it out of their mail box.

Lastly, and most importantly, direct mail is how your customers WANT you to communicate with them.

In fact, take a look at the pie chart below. A recent study by Catamount Marketing shows that consumers prefer communication via direct mail over all other forms of media – including newspapers, television, radio and even the internet.

WC Jul 2016 Chart

And this makes sense. Consumers want to know they are important enough to your business that you would send a piece of mail to them specifically; they can sit down and review it when they’ve dedicated time to do so; and it makes it easy for them to take action on your offer if they’re interested.

So, I hope you’ll join me for Part 2 of our webinar series, Does Direct Mail Work? this Wednesday, July 27.

We’ll focus on how to use direct mail to generate leads simply by using your existing database – you don’t want to miss it!

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