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Is the Guilt Stopping You?


Just a few days ago we returned home from a pretty amazing vacation - it had been a long time since we had a nice family vacation. We were gone about 2 weeks… it felt like a month. On the one hand that could be the sign of a great time (it was) but also was a huge source of stress and anxiety for me.

As entrepreneurs, as business owners we rarely take enough time away from our business to rest and recharge our batteries. Dan Sullivan of The Strategic Coach promotes taking upwards of 150 “Free Days” a year. 150, wow!

So many of us just can’t disconnect enough to take Saturdays off, let alone a week or two or 150 days. From my own experience I think the decision not to take the time away really boils down to 2 things; (1) feeling guilty about leaving and/or (2) not feeling confident in the businesses ability to produce while we are away.

I felt both guilt and fear while away, and still feeling it today. Like many of you, we are right in the middle of a growth phase in our business. We’ve hired new people, expanded our office space and have been more aggressively marketing… all of this means more expenses and more stress for me. Putting a vacation into the middle of this… ugh.

However, we’re back now and lo and behold there were no major issues while we were away. Aside from one client issue that was resolved quickly by our key person, all was smooth sailing. So what was I so stressed out about?

So, if you haven’t done it yet, take a few days off. Don’t let the guilt or fear stop you. Plan it. Put it into your calendar right now. You don’t have to get on an airplane or spend a bunch of money to have a vacation, you could just take a few days off at home… the key is you must be completely disconnected from your business.

I know all about the guilt and fear of taking time away. I also know how rejuvenating it is to be away, disconnected, to ease the mind, to slow down, to spend time with the ones we love. I truly hope you’ve had the opportunity to take some time away this summer, if not, it’s not too late.  Your business needs you to be clear headed and charged up. Every Wealthy Contractor I know takes this time away, not only because they can but because they know how much better they will be for their business when they get back.