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Appreciation: A Powerful Marketing Strategy


Giving a gift

Today’s consumer needs to feel special and to be reassured that they made the right choice. There’s no better way to do this than by showing your appreciation for their business.

Have you made a large purchase recently... something that had to be sold to you like a new car, a home improvement project or maybe gear for a hobby, like golf, hunting, or fishing?

If so, did you hear from the salesperson AFTER the purchase? How about the owner of the business? Did anyone send you a ‘thank you’ note? How about a ‘thank you’ gift? Bottom line: Did anyone in the business demonstrate their appreciation to you for choosing to give your hard-earned money to them?

From my own personal experience (and I’m guessing yours), the businesses that do this are few and far between!

It constantly amazes me how few businesses take advantage of this incredibly powerful business-building opportunity.

Now look, I don’t NEED the appreciation. You probably don’t either. But, imagine how much different you would feel about the salesperson and the business if they went out of their way to make you feel special about doing business with them?

You see, nobody wants to be just ‘another customer’...not you, not me ... not ANYBODY.

Deep down, don’t we want to feel like our decision to buy meant something to the owner and salesperson other than just another sale? Doesn’t everyone want to feel like a “special” customer… even you?

So, let me ask you… what are you doing to make your customers feel special and appreciated after choosing to give their hard-earned money to your company?

Are you sending them a ‘thank you’ gift? Are you making a ‘happy call’ after the project has been completed? How about a handwritten ‘thank you’ note? From my experience, odds are good that your answer is no.

See, businesses (likely yours and mine included) get so caught up with the day-to-day task of chasing after new leads and running their business that they lose sight of their company’s most important asset...

The Customer.

One of the simplest, easiest, cheapest business-building strategies is simply to thank our customers for choosing to do business with us. Yet so few businesses do it.

Imagine how your customers will feel when you go out of your way to demonstrate how grateful you are that they chose to do business with you.

Now, I know many of you don’t want to spend the money or the time on the whole appreciation process… I get it.  You did your job, they got what they paid for, and you feel like you’re giving up profit if you spend money after the job - but this is a mistake that could be costing you big!

Let’s look at appreciation as a practical, profit-maximizing strategy.You spent a ton of money to “buy” that customer (average customer acquisition costs these days can reach $1,000!) - don’t you want to do everything you can to get that customer to come back and buy from you again? Don’t you want to “stack-the-deck” in your favor so that customer will send their friends and family to you as referrals?

Of course you do… unless you don’t like making money.

Sending a gift or a ‘thank you’ note - something to demonstrate your appreciation - will likely set you apart from everyone else they’ve done business with. Think about it…when they think about home improvement and the opportunity arises for them to make that referral, don’t you want them to immediately think of you?

Simply doing the job right and on time doesn’t guarantee this will happen. You’ve got to go above and beyond. You want to do something that will make you stand out from everyone else they can - or do - give money to. And showing appreciation accomplishes this.

What’s great about this strategy is that so few companies actually take advantage of it! Imagine being the ONE home improvement company your customer has worked with that actually went out of their way to say “THANK YOU!”  That’s powerful!

Here is a simple 3-step appreciation strategy that ANY contractor can put into place tomorrow:

Step 1) Immediately following completion of the job, have someone in your office make a ‘happy call’ to your customer. The point of the call is to say “thank you” and make sure they are thrilled with the job you did for them and that there are no outstanding issues.

Step 2) After the call, prepare and send a nice handwritten ‘thank you’ card - ideally from the owner of the company.

Step 3) Send them a gift. Gifting should coincide with size and scope of project. For example, if you are a large-scale remodeler and have spent a lot of one-on-one time with your customer, send them something that is unique and personal to them. If you are a replacement contractor, send a tin of cookies with a nice ‘thank you’ note. If you are in a service business, like a plumber, you can send a ‘thank you’ card with a 'bounce back' gift card to your business or even a Starbucks gift card.

I hope I’ve got your wheels turning with this strategy. Make no mistake...it is a powerful marketing strategy that will help grow your business.

If you are interested in learning about an automated customer appreciation system to help you show gratitude to your customers, call Adi at (305) 856-8788 or email support@g4mg.com.