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Taking Control of Your Time, Money, & Freedom


The Welathy Contractor

Converting leads to sales for my contractor business Lesson on How to Grow Your Contrctor business


I was running an $11MM/year company and things looked golden from the outside. Problem was, I was chasing top line growth and always striving for that next big revenue jump. In reality, none of it mattered because my business had taken me so far away from why I went into business for myself, and why my business even existed!

My business was in total control of me, plus I wasn’t making the money I should have been. Sound familiar? See, I believe we all go into business for the same basic reason - to attain uncommon levels of FREEDOM! Freedom to make as much money as we want, manage our own time, have relationships that we choose, and to pursue those ideals that are important to us.

Ask yourself this, “Does your business afford you the freedoms you wanted when you started?” On this episode I’ll be guiding you step-by-step down the path to re-align you with why you got started in business in the first place. Regardless of where you are on the freedom or Wealthy scale, you don’t want to miss this! Do not settle. You deserve better.

Dedicated to Your Success,