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Generate More Repeat Business For a Home Improvement Business


More referrals for your contracting business

QUESTION: How many (EASY) sales have you LOST over the last 2 - 5 years?

Let me first define an “easy” sale - an easy sale is either a past customer coming back to purchase from you again and/or your customer referring you to their friends, family, neighbors or co-workers.

So, how many do you think?

Don’t tell me none or “just a few”. We both know it’s A LOT - more than either one of us would like to admit - that’s the bad news. However, the good news is - it’s not too late to start doing something about it.

Generating more repeat business for a home improvement business

Most of the people I talk with get a very small percentage of their overall business from their relationship with their customers. I believe in today’s economy you’ve got to be at a minimum of 35%. Yes, 35% of your overall business coming from repeat business and/or referrals.

This presents an enormous opportunity for contractors of all kinds… maybe even you.

  • Imagine how much lower your lead cost can be when at least 35% of your business comes from repeat and referral?
  • Imagine how much more stability and longevity your business will have when 35% of your business comes from repeat and referral;
  • Imagine how much less price resistance your sales people will come up against when 35% of your business comes from repeat and referral;
  • And, imagine how many more high profit jobs you could be selling when 35% of your business comes from repeat and referral!

It has been proven over and over again that the greatest potential for new leads and profits lies within your current customer base - in the form of repeat sales and referrals.

Generate more referrals for your contracting business

Yet the majority of home improvement companies continue to spend ALL of their time, money and resources chasing after new leads and new customers.

Problem is, most companies don’t have a reliable SYSTEM in place for keeping in touch with their best customers. And as a result are missing out tons of opportunity to sell more jobs to their best customers and create high-quality leads from referrals!

Yes, I Want to Learn More About Customer Newsletters!

The BEST tool I have found for keeping in touch with your customers is a company newsletter. I've been using newsletters for myself and clients for almost 20 years.

Check out April's Wealthy Contractor webinar where I talk you through not only WHY a company newsletter but also the HOW.

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