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4 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Contractor Business


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2017 was a BIG sales year for most... however, it wasn't necessarily a big profit year.

The ultimate goal of a business is to make a profit - your payment for the value you bring to the marketplace. Obviously, the greater the value you deliver, the greater your reward. 

Too many companies are focused on topline growth for growth’s sake, and not focused enough on profitability. In this episode Brian shares with you 4 strategies that you'll need to not only make 2018 more profitable, but to set your business up to thrive for the next 5, 10, 15 years.These 4 strategies will give your company staying power (even through market downturns), brand recognition, and high profit sales.

Strategies to grow your contracting business

Brian has witnessed first-hand how failing to follow even 1 of these strategies can lead to cash-flow problems, stagnant growth, and angry customers. The 4 strategies in this episode will provide you the framework for scalable growth and higher profits in 2018.

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