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Generate More Profit for Your Contractor Business


Generate more profit for your contractor business

Lesson on How to Grow You Contrctor business Lesson on How to Grow You Contrctor business



Ellen Rohr - “the plumber’s wife” - was running the family contracting business, nearing poverty, and desperately competing in the cut-throat pricing game until she figured out the real secret to making more money, eliminating the mayhem, and working less.

Grow your home improvement business

Ellen was wrapped up in the chaos and stress of the day-to-day business operations and witnessed her contractor friend literally work himself to death at 33 years old. Ellen knew it was time to make a change. Life is too short to work long, stressful hours and not make enough money.

Listen to today’s episode and discover how Ellen Rohr transformed her business by nearly 3X-ing her profit. And how she went from “the plumbers wife” to nationally renowned consultant and coach for service contractors.