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Close More Sales For Your Contracting Business



Converting leads to sales for my contractor business Lesson on How to Grow You Contrctor business



Aaron Magden is the co-owner of Window Nation, one of the largest home improvement companies in the country. When Aaron and his brother Harley (interviewed on Episode #21) started Window Nation, Harley was responsible for making leads and Aaron was responsible for selling those leads.

Today, they have over 100 full-time salespeople, working from multiple offices and growing fast.

In this episode, he shares what helped him grow the Window Nation sales department from one location to 8 and counting. Aaron’s success relied on his ability to systematize the sales process so he could grow, train, and manage the sales teams for each additional office location.

Converting leads to sales for my contractor business

Today, every Window Nation sales rep is trained to sell using the same “road-map”. They are held to the strictest standards by their management team. And, they deliver consistent results.

Join us in today’s episode as Aaron takes us on a deep dive into his scalable selling system. You may or may not have 100 sales rep, you may not ever want that many, however, the fundamentals Aaron shares in the episode apply to sales teams of any size.