[Podcast] Episode 29: What Can You Learn From a Guy That Generated Over 60,000 Leads This Year


Todd Bairstow is a guy that knows how to make leads online. In fact, in 2017 his company is on track to generate over 60,000 leads.

After generating hundreds of thousands of leads online, Todd has accumulated invaluable data about homeowner search trends that he’s sharing with us today to help you get more leads from your website.

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4 Strategies For Making 2018 Your Most Profitable Year Ever

In our final training for the 2017 we shared 4 strategies that you'll need to not only make 2018 more profitable, but to set your business up to thrive for the next 5, 10, 15 years.

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[Podcast] Episode 28: Growing Your Business From The Ground Up


Ron Greenbaum purchased a $500k/yr company and grew it to $6.5MM in sales in just a few years.

Sounds great, but they weren’t making any money.

Ron realized he grew to $6.5MM the same way most contractors do - sell, sell, sell and figure out how to install it. His salespeople were making promises they couldn’t keep and creating a nightmare on nearly every job.

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[Podcast] Episode 27: The Secrets to Designing a World Class Customer Experience


The key to getting customers to pay you more, write raving reviews, and refer their friends and family relies on your ability to deliver a World Class Customer Experience.

 In 2018, satisfied customers are a liability.

 Sounds crazy, right?

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[Podcast] Episode 26: How Giving More Makes You Make More: The Law of Reciprocity


Ger Ronan came to the US with just $80 to his name and now runs a $6MM per year roofing, siding, and bath company. Ger doesn't do things the traditional way. His unique approach to business development has given him a competitive edge, strong brand recognition, and the ability to give back to the community.

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[Podcast] Episode 25: Are You Profitable Enough?


Is your business as profitable as it should be? Greg Crabtree, author of “Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits” reveals the new minimum profit margin your business should be hitting. After examining financial data from hundreds of businesses, Greg is an expert in helping businesses get super profitable.

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[Podcast] Episode 24: How to Make Money While Taking a Vacation



Imagine being able to go on a stress free vacation… leave work behind… and not panic that the office will burn down while you’re gone. Many contractors don’t go on vacation because of fear - fear of chaos breaking out or losing money.

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Are You Working Too Hard, For Too Little?

"Don’t mistakenly think just because someone is doing $10M or $15M in sales a year that they’re making a boatload of money."


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[Podcast] Episode 23: Maximize Profitability & Control Your Financial Future



Learn how to achieve and maintain the level of profitability you need to support the lifestyle you want using the PROFIT mindset. In today’s episode, Mike Bruno shares how many contractors get into financial trouble by focusing far too much on top line revenue, and how shifting your focus to profitability will give you full control of your financial destiny.

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[Podcast] Episode 22: The One Marketing Tool Every Business Must Have! with Brian Kaskavalciyan



Could going back to the “old school” marketing strategies work better than anything else? I believe so and I’m not alone. Marketing and lead generation to get to the kitchen table isn’t getting any cheaper.

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